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Automatic sign ups are now being offered at #CBB Productions!!!
Sign up for the automatic list and never have to fill out another sign up form from #CBB again!

Tired of signing up for tours?

Just wish the tour host would send you the package and a date to post?

#CBB Productions is offering Automatic Sign Ups where you will automatically be sent the tour package and a date to post should you choose this sign up method. You no longer have to fill out each and every form.

If you sign up and find you can not post, no worries. Just shoot me an email and let me know so I won’t be searching for your post.

If you are on the #CBB Certified mailing list you will still receive emails with initial invites and promotional goodies, but you can rest knowing you don’t have to fill out yet another form. If you see an invite and #CBB is offering eARCs you can email me and let me know if you are interested. I will get you added to the eARC list.

I am so happy to offer this service to bloggers and I hope it will make your life that much easier not having to fill out so many forms!

Not sure you’re ready to be on the #CBB Productions automatic sign up form?  Sign up for the mailing list and receive invitations for tours, promos, and teaser share requests.  Sign up here → MAILING LIST

Bloggers :

All files will be provided with an HTML, DIY, and images kit so you will have everything you need to make your post.  A social media friendly word doc will also be included for easy copy and paste to your favorite social media sites.

If you are interested in signing up to become a #CBB Certified tour host and receiving all the latest tour invitations, please sign up for my mailing list here :

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by Daleen Berry

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#CBB Productions invites you to take part in the Promotional blitz(es) for Shatter The Silence by New York Times Best-Selling Author Daleen Berry!

The pre-order blitz will run April 17, 18, 19
The Release Day Blitz will run May 7 & 8
The Blog Tour will run May 9 – 13

*Please consider for signing up for one or all promotional events!

Top post is not required. As always, DIY, HTML, and social media friendly docs will be included, and I’ll be here every step of the way to help you along and answer any questions you may have! It is kindly requested your posts be live by 10AM EST on your preferred posting date.




Shatter the Silence is the romantic and long-awaited sequel by New York Times Best-Selling Author Daleen Berry. The sequel to Sister of Silence, Ms. Berry’s 2011 breakout memoir about surviving abuse, Shatter the Silence takes place in Preston County, West Virginia.

This romantic memoir weaves accounts of the true crimes Ms. Berry covered while working as a news reporter with details of her divorce, her ex-husband’s ongoing harassment following their divorce, and finally, her love affair with the police detective who became first, a colleague, then a friend, and ultimately, the man who helped save her life.

Readers will weep as they learn about the collateral damage Ms. Berry and her four children sustained, following ten years trapped in a violent marriage. They will cheer when they see her refusal to live the rest of her life as a victim, and will be overjoyed when Ms. Berry realizes she has, as a single mother of four at the age of 27, fallen in love for the very first time. Finally, Ms. Berry’s loyal fans will be moved by the tender, intimate moments she shares, as they join this award-winning author on her journey to love and healing.

Sign Up Here

Sign up here →

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