Tour & Services Policies


Payment :

Payment is to be made through Paypal upon booking services.

Once an agreement has been made by both parties to do business together, you can expect to receive an invoice from #CBB Productions within 5 – 7  business days.

Refunds :

A full refund will be given within the first 7 days from the verbal agreement.

If the agreement is canceled after 7 days, authors will be charged 50% for the work that was completed for your tour.

#CBB Productions retains full ownership of all sign – up documentation (including forms and responses, Google Docs, etc.).  Access to these files will be not be granted after cancellation.

Author Requirements :

Authors are required to submit all promotional materials in a timely manner (links, bios, images etc.).  All tours will be customized to your specifications, but the materials must be submitted by the author.  These options can include, but are not limited to : ARC reviews, excerpts, bonus / deleted scenes, interviews (author / character), dream casts, playlist, trailers, etc.

Authors are highly encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of the tour by visiting each blog stop daily and commenting, sharing, and liking the blog’s posts.  Remember, the relationships between authors and bloggers are very beneficial, any support you can give is very much appreciated.

Important Information:

Blogs sign up on a voluntary basis to participate in all events.  If a blog does not post on their scheduled day #CBB Productions will make every effort to contact the blog and coordinate posting. #CBB Productions is not to be held responsible if a blog fails to post as scheduled.

Positive reviews are not guaranteed. Bloggers are asked if their review is going to be rated at 3.5 stars or below, to please hold off on posting until after the tour has been completed. Reviewers are asked to give an honest and respectful review.

Bloggers are asked and encouraged to post their reviews on their Blog, Facebook Page, Tsu, Twitter, etc. We also request that they post all reviews on whichever purchasing site they use (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc) but this cannot be guaranteed by #CBB Productions.

Giveaways :

All giveaways are optional.

Shipping and distribution of all prizes is the sole responsibility of the author / donator. #CBB Productions is in no way responsible for giveaways. Signed books, swag, and all mail items will be listed as US ONLY unless otherwise specified by author.

A donations form will be created to gather additional donations to your giveaway.  It is requested that you also share the donations form to help solicit donations to make your giveaway successful.  This option can be skipped at your request.

All giveaways will be set up by #CBB Productions using Rafflecopter. Entry options will include: visiting the authors Facebook page, adding the book to Goodreads TBR, following the authors twitter account and tweeting about the Giveaway.  Additional entry options can be added at the authors request.

#CBB Productions will pick all giveaway winners and notify winners of their prize.  After collecting detailed information from the winners, all information will be forwarded to the author / donator.


Posts are to be up by 10 a.m EST. If you have an emergency and cannot post on your assigned day please let me know and we will work something out.

Please cross promote all events on your blog, Facebook page, Tsu, Twitter, etc.

Reviews are extremely important to an author. If you have signed up to review, and have received an ARC, please post your spoiler free (or alerted) review on your blog and any other retail site you use (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, etc).  *Repeated failures to post reviews will be placed on a discretionary basis and may not be eligible to receive future ARCs.

It is kindly requested that when posting a review you remember to be respectful of the author and their work.  I understand that not everyone likes all books in the same way so constructive criticism is always best.  Please do not post any reviews that are hurtful and derogatory in any way.

When reviewing a book if you are unable to rate it 3.5 or more stars please contact #CBB Productions for alternate post options.  You are also asked to hold off posting your review until the tour is complete.  Once the tour is over you are free to post wherever you would normally post your reviews.

All ARC copies provided by either #CBB Productions or the author are NOT to be shared, copied, altered in any way, or sold.  It is for YOUR eyes ONLY.  Once you are done with the book please delete the copy from your email/device.

If a book contains adult content it is your responsibility to let your audience know.

If a giveaway is given to you (for your blog only) then it is your responsibility to set up the giveaway as you see fit (e.g. using Rafflecopter) and to send the winner’s name(s), email and any other important information to #CBB Productions.

Hosting is meant to be fun!  So Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I am here to help!

By placing an order or signing up as a tour host with #CBB Productions you are agreeing to these terms.

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