Graphic Design Policies

Payment : 

Payments are accepted via PayPal only at this time.

A 50% deposit is required prior to the beginning of any custom projects.

Graphics will bear a light water mark until your purchase is paid in full.

Copyright :

All graphics made by me may be used for promotional purposes of #CBB Productions.

Stock images in all graphics are included in the purchase price.  There may be an additional charge if the photo is unavailable from my sources.

The stock site used and photographer information must be credited in the copyright or acknowledgements area.

If purchasing an eBook only cover design at this time you may not expand the cover into a full  wrap / paperback design on your own or have another company do so for you without my consent.

Fonts, stock images, art, ect may be reused in other graphics.  Each graphic will be customized and unique, the main focus will not be reused.

Design Changes :

Please be as clear and concise as possible when telling me about your vision of the graphics you are requesting.  Examples are welcomed and appreciated.  Please let me know how involved you’d like to be in the creative process.  Please note, each graphic will be made with your guidance, but artistic interpretation may vary.

Cover revisions :

Pre – Made covers will be sold ‘as is’.  The only changes made will be your title and name.  If you like a pre – made cover and would like to ‘tweak’ it to your own, please let me know, we can work something out to your needs.

Limited revisions are available with the purchase of Standard, and Custom Covers.  Additional charges may be incurred if excessive changes are needed.

Unlimited revisions are available with the purchase of the BookaLuscious cover.  It is understood that unlimited revisions only includes revisions to the first graphic agreed upon.  If a graphic is to be entirely redone, the process will start over with the purchase of a new design.

Promotional Materials Revisions :

Minor revisions can be made to any banner / teaser / logo.  Excessive or time consuming changes may incur an additional charge.

By placing an order with #CBB Productions you are agreeing to these terms.

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