About CBB

Welcome Loves!

Hi!  I’m Christina!  Some of you may know me at Christina BookaLuscious Badder, or simply CBB.  I’m so glad that you have found my website. Please take a moment to look around and be sure to visit the different areas.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I’m an avid reader, I love books of all kinds!  I am not picky, when it’s a good book, it’s a GOOD book.  I LOVE that there is such a wide range of selections and genres that I never get bored.  I’m a wife, a mom, and outside of the virtual world I am a Registered Nurse.  I also am a PA for 2 amazing authors, head both of their street teams, and have been hosting tours / blitzes / cover reveals.  I tend to be goofy at times, sometimes I lose my filter and say inappropriate things, I deflect most everything with humor,  and, obviously I like to talk.

This is a new endeavor for me and I am hoping you will take this journey with me.  I have been designing teasers / promos / banners for authors over the past couple of years.  It was my way of thanking them for their amazing stories, it also gave me a creative outlet and way to express myself.  I am a very creative person by nature, and although my degree is one of science, it wasn’t always that way.  I’m glad to be getting back to feeling that creative part again.  At the gentle nudging of several friends, I have decided to take it a step further and open #CBB Productions.  I am super excited, and honestly a lot nervous (<— I’m pretty sure that’s just basic human response to anything new, right?).

My goal is to make you and your book shine!  I want your graphics to be everything you imagined them to be.  I’d love to make you ‘sqquuuuueeeeeee’, jump up and down, do your happy dance, or make you grin so hard your face cracks (I mean that in the nicest way) and I will do my very best to make those things happen.  I guarantee I will work hard and I will do my very best.

So, again, if you have read this far, I am sorry.  I didn’t lie when I said I like to talk a lot.  But, if you have, I’d like to thank you for your time and your interest.  If you feel like I am some one you might want to work with please contact me and we will start planning your amazing graphics!

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